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Sharon Hudson

Sharon Hudson - Fine Art and Photography

Oakland, CA


Sharon Hudson is an artist and fine art photographer based in Oakland, California. Her original art work and usage rights for art and photography can be purchased at

Since her first solo art exhibit in 1981, Sharon has participated in many art and photography exhibits in the San Francisco area, and has been published internationally in formats ranging from calendars, cards, and book covers to stock photography.

My goal as an artist and photographer is to create objects of meaningful beauty to enrich everyday life. My art begins with my love of the physical world, especially the human figure, everyday objects, and sensual patterns and textures. With a frankly decorative intent, I use bold compositions, color, line, textures, and patterns. Striking color and abstract forms underlie both my art and my photography. My inspiration comes from masters of sensuality like Gauguin, Klimt, Matisse, Degas, and Van Gogh, as well as decorative arts like quilt making, mosaics, and stained glass.

My photography includes abstract and surrealistic photographs taken on city streets; fantasy images; urban and rural reflections, shadows, patterns, and textures; photographs from Mexico, Guatemala, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali and Java), and Singapore; and carousel animal images. Most of my surreal photographs are layered images and in-camera multiple exposures, and digitally manipulated photographic images. My photography is sensually rich, colorful, and often decorative, stressing the interplay of subject and pattern, the mixing of images, and layers of dimension.

My art and photography reflect the values of my midwestern upbringing in their direct gaze and solid compositions. Later my family moved to California, where in 1974 I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with degrees in Psychology and Practice of Art. Since then I have explored multiple art forms, freely borrowing ideas and techniques from sources as diverse as quiltmaking and other textiles to stained glass, mosaics, and digital media. My art and photography also reflect my extensive travels with backpack and camera through Alaska, Africa, East Asia, and Mexico, and I lived for a time in rural Japan. Japanese textiles and ukiyo-e prints, brilliant Mexican color, Pacific Northwest Indian design, African abstraction, and patterns from around the world are all embedded in my art and photography.


original art by Sharon Hudson


abstract figure painting - Pink Philodendron by Sharon Hudson


surreal mannequins photographs - Get Real by Sharon Hudson


colorful Mexico abstract photography - Red White and Blue Door by Sharon Hudson


fantasy women art - Eleusis by Sharon Hudson


strange abstract architecture - Beam Me Up I by Sharon Hudson


colorful Korean temples - Pillar of Sangwongsa by Sharon Hudson


abstract surrealism - Plasticity XIII by Sharon Hudson


goddess art photography - Fire Queen by Sharon Hudson


Grandfathers - A Boy and His Grandfather by Sharon Hudson


Thailand parasols abstract - Blue Thai Parasols by Sharon Hudson


cute cat pictures - Another Rough Day by Sharon Hudson


cute cat pictures - Yet Another Rough Day by Sharon Hudson


abstract figure collage - Crown Princess by Sharon Hudson


Mexico sun face fantasy still life - Blue Sun Face by Sharon Hudson


sports boat photography - Yellow Kayaks by Sharon Hudson


Guatemala colorful abstract photograph - Guatemalan Diamonds by Sharon Hudson


colorful abstract urban still life - Corrugated Vase by Sharon Hudson


abstract automobile photograph - Carscape by Sharon Hudson


colorful carousel horse photograph - Romping Redhead by Sharon Hudson


abstract cities still life - Designer Dumpster by Sharon Hudson


fantasy horses at a fair - Trifecta by Sharon Hudson


Bodie antique glass - Glass Ware VI by Sharon Hudson


old west impressionism - Glass Ware VII by Sharon Hudson


still life collection - Glass Ware V by Sharon Hudson


ghost town still life - Glass Ware IV by Sharon Hudson


glass still life - Glass Ware III by Sharon Hudson


still life impressionism - Glass Ware II by Sharon Hudson


Bodie still life - Glass Ware I by Sharon Hudson


abstract auto still life - Old GMC I by Sharon Hudson


General Motors truck - Old GMC II by Sharon Hudson


salvage truck abstract - Truck Work by Sharon Hudson


urban graffiti art - Filling Spaces by Sharon Hudson


automobiles salvage art photograph - Once Red Truck by Sharon Hudson


surreal mannequins fantasy - Do You See What I See II by Sharon Hudson


fantasy portrait surrealism - Evolution by Sharon Hudson


Bali dance theater mask - Barong II by Sharon Hudson


Bali dance theater mask - Barong I by Sharon Hudson


abstract painting - Good Morning by Sharon Hudson


surreal mannequin lovers - Goodbye My Love by Sharon Hudson


helicopters - Carry Me Home by Sharon Hudson


abstract graffiti - Bricks and Mortar by Sharon Hudson


abstract urban art - Weird by Sharon Hudson


fantasy cities photography - Going Places by Sharon Hudson


urban streetscapes - People Watching by Sharon Hudson


fantasy mannequin - Speak of the Dead by Sharon Hudson


Chichen Itza Mayan art - Four Skulls by Sharon Hudson


wicked witch of Oz - Boo by Sharon Hudson